1. Live Event Hosting
    Live Event Hosting
    "Amazing, smart, talented, witty, with Valerie as my emcee, I know no matter what happens, the Dusty Film and Animation Awards will be a success!" –Annie Flocco, Award-Winning Producer and Director
  2. Art of the Interview
    Art of the Interview
    "Valerie Smaldone has a remarkable ability to clearly communicate the skills necessary to shine as both an interviewer and interviewee." –Paula Rossman, Actress
  3. Podcasting
    "Working with Valerie has been a pleasure. She produced bi-monthly podcasts for our professional theatres, which were used to promote their companies, productions, and/or actors. In a day and age where everything is digital, our theatres found value in this additional piece of media to post on their websites and share on social media platforms." -Jenna Rocca, Executive Director, New Jersey Theatre Alliance
  4. Voice-Over Coaching
    Voice-Over Coaching
    "As an advertising professional who works frequently with voiceover artists, I feel more confident in the booth recording my own spots, as well as directing other actors during recording sessions." –Adina Levin, Commercial Ad Writer
  5. Content Creation
    Content Creation
    "Valerie is a positive, 'can do' experienced brand strategist. She adds value with her ability to identify new markets, think through logically what is required to turn a concept into reality, and is able to creatively come up with practical strategies, verbal and visual tools to articulate the concept and take it to market." –John Cipri, President, Superior Metal & Woodwork
  6. Brand Strategy
    Brand Strategy
    “Valerie Smaldone is my go-to person for media coaching. For radio, TV or live presentations, it's great having Valerie in your corner to motivate you to take your career to the next level. No one knows the media business like Valerie. She’s a total pro and a delight to work with." -Mindy Utay, LCSW, Psychotherapist, writer, speaker