1. Health and Wellness Speaking
    Health and Wellness Speaking
    As a passionate advocate for wellness, Valerie is a sought after speaker at medical conferences, corporations, charitable organizations and support groups. She has been the keynote speaker for Dysautonomia International and the MS Society, as well as numerous cancer organizations and foundations. Valerie has been honored for her work in awareness and fundraising, and has spoken at international medical and wellness conferences in Italy, Germany and many cities in the U.S. As a patient advocate, Valerie has spoken on behalf of cancer patients regarding the psychological effects of the disease. She was a guest speaker at medical conferences for physicians and researchers exploring the genetic link to breast and ovarian cancer at the Oncology Society of Bari, Italy; the Medical School at the University of Verona, Italy; NYU Medical School, and produced and hosted a fundraiser starring comedian Ray Romano to benefit ovarian cancer research. Valerie has received numerous awards for her humanitarian work including the World Foundation for Medical Studies in Female Health, and The Sass Foundation, and has been a spokesperson and fundraiser for The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance and the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. She hosted and produced a dedicated podcast for SHARE Cancer Support about their innovative Pink and Teal Program. Most recently, Valerie was emcee for the two-day Healing Summit, in Berlin, Germany, and will return as host in 2017.